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TTX offers this Business Partner Network for the benefit and convenience of its customers, suppliers and employees. Access to the Business Partner Network is limited to TTX customers, suppliers and employees.

Note: USERID Cancellation/Deletion Policy
There are software licensing costs associated with maintaining USERIDs, whether the IDs are active or inactive. Hence, there is a savings associated with the deletion of inactive IDs. If you tend to login infrequently, we suggest that you login at least once a month to keep your USERID active. Unused USERIDs are subject to cancellation and deletion after 90 days of inactivity.

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Applications Requested:
Please Check the application(s) that you require access to inside the TTX Business Partner Network.
AAR Billing Exceptions - Only available to Railroad employees and Railroad contractors who perform car repairs and present car repair billing directly to TTX. Those requesting access to this web site should be confined to those people who are authorized to respond to car repair billing exception letters.  009官方彩票app下载10.0
Corporate ApproverCorporate Advisor Corporate Reviewer
Field ManagerField Personnel
Please enter SPLC Code(s):
Car Accounting Website - Available to TTX owner railroads' personnel directly involved with TTX Car Accounting.
Access Type :Read Only Edit    
Car Accounting Detail Screen (CADS) - Available to TTX owner railroads?personnel directly involved with TTX Car Accounting. This screen provides detail of liability at the individual car level.
Engineering - Available to Railroad personnel, current TTX car part suppliers and TTX approved independent repair facilities.
Equipment Guide - Available to TTX owner railroads personnel and TTX employees.
eSHIFT Mobile - Available to Wheelset Suppliers, Repair Facilities, Scrap Dealers and Field Maintenance personnel directly involved in the order and fulfilment of wheelsets and return of x-material.
Shop Car Tracking/Shop Car Tracking Lite(SCT) - Available to TTX authorized repair facilities for managing TTX railcars through each shop visit.  yb1.uk亚博
Responsibility:CarInfoChanger InbounderOutbounder
 StatusUpdater Mover Viewer

Enter the TTX 4-character facility initials you need access to:
Shop Contract Administration - Available to car representatives responsible for administering shop contracts used by the Shop Estimates and Invoices System.
Please enter the four (4) character company code:
Shop Estimates - Available to car representatives and shop personnel responsible for facilitating the contract shop repair estimate process in the TTX shop estimate layout.
Role:Car Owner Car Owner Agent ShopLeasing Party

Please enter the locations you will be sending the billing data under:
Shop File Submittal - Available to shop personnel submitting shop billing estimate/invoice files in the TTX shop estimate/invoice layout.
Check one or both boxes depending on whether you will be submitting estimate and/or invoice files.

Please enter the locations you will be sending the billing data under:
Shop Invoices - Available to car representatives and shop personnel responsible for facilitating the contract shop repair invoice process in the TTX shop invoice layout.
Role:Car Owner Car Owner Agent ShopLeasing Party

Please enter the locations you will be sending the billing data under:
Supply Management - Available to railroads and independent repair facilities that source materials from TTX for the maintenance of TTX railcars and to current TTX suppliers. This site makes reports of current business transactions available and will allow the entry of orders for material sourced from TTX.
Transportation Management System (TMS) - Available to Business Partners directly involved in the shipping of materials to or from TTX and its business partners. This includes Suppliers, IRFs, Scrap Dealers, FMOs, and Transportation Carriers.
Check one or all of the boxes depending on whether you are a Carrier, a Supplier and/or a Customer.
CarrierSupplier    Customer
TTX Company Political Action Committee - Available to retirees and non-TTX employees who would like to become a TTX PAC Participant.
Unified Billing System(UBS) - Available to TTX authorized repair facilities for data entry/invoicing of repairs performed to TTX railcars.  007比分网足球比分即
Responsibility:Invoice Submitter Biller  

Enter the TTX 4-character facility initials you need access to:
Unified BRC Manager(UBM) - Available to TTX authorized repair facilities using TTX handheld tablets for data entry of repairs performed to TTX railcars.  亚博app靠谱吗
Responsibility:Viewer  Uploader/Viewer  

Enter the TTX 4-character facility initials you need access to:
Unified Fleet Distribution Automotive - Available to Railroad and Shipper personnel directly involved with the movement of empty multi-levels assigned to the Multi-level Reload fleet.
Unified Fleet Distribution General Equipment - Available to Railroad participants involved in the distribution of the general merchandise fleets.
Unified Fleet Distribution Intermodal - Available to Railroad participants involved in the distribution of the Intermodal fleets.
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  2. Customer Access.

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  6. Disputed Transactions.

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  13. Waiver of Breach.

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  14. Governing Law.

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